Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Heaven, A Place to Call Home

Heaven Q & A

Do people die and then become angels in heaven?

No, angels are beings of a different sort created by God.  Humans do not become angels, but angels do interact with humans. 

What kind of bodies do people have in heaven?

People in heaven have fully functioning spiritual bodies.  Earthly brokenness does not impact healthy heavenly bodies.  They have fingers and toes, shining eyes, and bright smiles. 

What do people in heaven remember of their earthly life?

They remember their lives.  The people in their lives are not forgotten.  How they lived their lives is recalled.  Every word they spoke on earth and every act they performed is known.  There is a lot most people would like to forget because of regrets.  The regrets will be intensified.  The memories are enhanced.  They are enhanced because the spirit person contains the real memories of a person’s life and not the physical brain. Everything from a person’s earthly existence is available to their mind in heaven.  There is more on this topic that is exciting but beyond the scope of this Q & A.

What happens at death?

The transition is smooth without hesitation since people are souls in physical bodies they are self-aware whether in the physical body or out of it.  The trip to heaven may differ.  An angel or angels may accompany someone.  Angels may be present with someone before their death then show them the way to the presence of the Lord in a way unique to them.  Leaving the earth they may visit a loved one or an angel may leave an indication of their presence in the place of death.  The angel takes the heaven-bound sometimes through the sky and into the domain of heaven.  Sometimes it is more like stepping through a door leaving earth and entering heaven.  It can be the light at the end of the tunnel. The Lord can send another mode of heavenly transportation like the chariot that came for Elijah.  Jesus may come to collect someone.  He may send a human from heaven to come alongside.  The Lord is creative and has many ways of bringing his people to himself.   

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